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Maroon Village

Sankofa Maroon Village is a physical and metaphysical space for African descended folk to rebuild healthy, ROOTED, sustainable community. SMV provides opportunities for us to deepen our connections to nature, to each other and to our diverse African and Afrosporic cultural traditions and ancestors. We work from a decolonial framework and are committed to anti-oppression, human rights and the protection of the natural world.




Moyo Wa Africa is the founder of the burgeoning Sankofa Maroon Village - a learning centre and living space for African-descended people to reclaim cultural knowledge, strengthen our connection to the natural world and learn sustainable living skills here in Turtle Island. After generously being hosted by the Adinkra Farm for the past four years, we have recently acquired our own space where we are working to create the first African centred eco-village" in 'Canada'. While building upon the rich African history in the Owen Sound and Collingwood areas, where free Black people and maroons established some of the earliest Black settlements in Ontario,  we also strive to work in solidarity with the Anishinabeg people in whose territory we reside. 

We have created a membership structure whereby residents and part-time residents can access the space as well as the Sankofa Co-Op School, the Sankofa Community Garden, and the Sankofa Centre for Healing, Arts, and Eco Education.





Sankofa Maroon Village membership packages are available to individuals and families of African descent.

Community Membership Packages

Basic Membership

This membership package entitles the holder to spend up to 60 days per year in the village.

Full Membership

This membership package entitles the holder to spend up to 120 days per year in the village.

Resident Membership

This membership package entitles the holder to spend up to full time residency in the village.

*Children and youth (0-19 years) are included with their parent's membership
*Couple Memberships available

*Barter and some rate flexibility are available for people with lower income
*Organizational memberships available

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