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All SMV Community Members have access to the following programs:

Providing members with access to living and retreat or artist residency space where they can connect to nature in a Black community setting.

SANKOFA MAROON VILLAGE LEARNING CIRCLE: Providing African-centred educational workshops and community learning opportunities for children, youth  and adult.

SANKOFA MAROON VILLAGE COMMUNITY GARDEN: Providing an opportunity to participate in planting harvesting and tending to the garden in exchange for a share of healthy produce!

SANKOFA CENTRE FOR HEALING, ARTS AND ECO EDUCATION PASS: Provides discounts on healing services provided through the for-profit arm of SMV as well as an opportunity to apply to sell your own services or products through this community based-business.

*THE SANKOFA CENTRE FOR HEALING, ARTS AND ECO EDUCATION offers healing retreats and educational programming in a natural setting, as well as a variety of online courses to support holistic well-being on a personal and global level. With conventional spa-retreat amenities, a variety of holistic health services based in African and other traditions, courses on sustainable living, as well as an array of arts programming, clients are able to co-create a unique experience that facilitates the transformation and growth that they need.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    • Spend up to 60 days per year in the village
  • Full Membership

    Every month
    • Spend up to 120 days per year in the village
  • Resident Membership

    Every month
    • Full-time residency in the village
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